The history behind the UK Swiss fake Cartier watch Princess Diana always wore

When Louis Cartier designed the Tank watch in 1917, Europe was at war. It is said images of the newly introduced Renault tanks on the Western Front inspired the spare lines and proportions of the Swiss made replica Cartier UK. Form and function were balanced with inspired creativity, resulting in the pared-back elegance of a shape somewhere between a square and a rectangle—a radical departure from the ornate rounded shapes of the perfect fake Cartier watch’s contemporaries.

While the cheap fake Cartier Tank’s prototype was made in 1917, it was another couple of years before the watch was presented to the world. During that time, luxury super clone Cartier and his watchmaking partners researched and refined; working on the aesthetics, function and mechanics of the timepiece to present a design far ahead of its time—a modern classic for the ages.

Worn by the founder himself, the AAA copy Tank Louis Cartier, released in 1922, retained the classic influences of the original—the Roman numerals, the ‘rail track’ minute scale, the sapphire cabochon—while introducing a striking rectangular dial, an alligator-skin strap and rounded ‘horns’ (strap attachments). Blued-steel hands shaped like swords and a strap buckle in 18-karat gold completed the look.
The best 1:1 replica Cartier Tank Française reinvented the classic in 1996, pairing a curved case with a link bracelet, the precision and simplicity of the watch face complemented by precious metal and brilliant-cut diamonds. It was no longer just a timepiece, but a stunning piece of jewellery. The high quality fake Cartier Tank Solo was launched in 2004 and pays homage to the original. The ‘railtrack’, the Roman numerals, the parallel lines of the ‘brancards’ (sidebars) reinforcing the linear, minimalist design and presenting a powerful visual of the dial, the surprising sapphire cabochon, and the blued-steel hands all underline the principles with which Louis Cartier approached his creation. Its pared-down lines in perfect harmony with the refined leather and precious gemstone, horns extending seamlessly from the brancards: the Swiss movement replica Cartier’s simplicity belies the intricate workings within.

Over the decades, the top quality replica Cartier Tank in its various iterations has been coveted and acquired by the most discerning style-setters. Princess Diana had two, Jacqueline Kennedy was gifted one, Andy Warhol was never apart from his because it was “the watch to wear”. The purity of the cheap super clone Cartier Tank’s design transcends time and cements its place among those iconic objects that occupy legendary status. The Cartier Tank fake for sale is forever.

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