A 1941 UK Luxury Replica Cartier Tank Cintrée Is This Month’s Poster Child For Low Estimate

There are probably not a whole lot of brands whose performance at auction has become more unpredictable and volatile than luxury replica Cartier. Records are being set with a frequency that is either alarming or encouraging, if you are a best 1:1 fake Cartier enthusiast, and depending on the depth of your purse.

We’re living in a world where a vintage Pebble can go for between $300,000-400,00, so it seems that the estimate for this perfect fake Cartier Tank Cintrée from 1941, which is $10,000-20,000, is really low.

It’s one of the most iconic Tank models (although hey, when it comes to AAA replica Cartier Tanks they’re kind of all iconic, albeit the term has been worn, haha, Pebble-smooth through overuse) with an EWC movement, and straight from the Paris mothership (albeit at a time when doing business in Paris was more challenging than usual, to put it mildly).

The condition of the dial might have inched the estimate down a bit – there’s some unmissable dial discoloration and the case is in what we might euphemistically call honest worn condition but considering that at this point in Swiss made replica Cartier‘s history, every watch was something of a unique piece, I’d still call this one a little low. Fun fact: in 1941 UK Cartier fake for sale sold only 38 Tanks total, all models combined.

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