UK Luxury Coussin De Cartier Fake Watches

A square case featuring rounded corners rimmed with triangle gemsetting for the high quality Cartier replica watches.

The perfect fake Coussin de Cartier watches provides a fine lesson in geometry. An inventive approach to the subject that overturns all the precepts generally taught in school. Surprising? Not really, from a Maison that has always given free rein to its unbridled creativity by exploring new stylistic territories.

This year sees the cushion shape lend itself to this fascinating exercise through a collection of best replica Cartier watches designed for evening wear. The square case with rounded corners is hemmed with precious stones of different sizes set in spirals. And because Cartier never does anything in a completely traditional way, the AAA UK Coussin de Cartier copy watches features a new type of gemsetting known as “triangle”, which enables the diamonds to be integrated directly into the case without using traditional beads. This results in less material around the gems and a spectacular increase in luminosity for top Cartier super clone watches radiating a chic and graphic look.

Replica Coussin de Cartier Watches

case in pink or white gold, 27.13 x 27.66mm, set with 165 diamonds, quartz movement, beige or blue calfskin strap, CHF 25,000 in pink gold, CHF 26,900 in white gold

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