To me, Cartier replica watches online uk are about their tactile qualities almost to the same extent as they are about their design. The same can be said about the perfect fake Cartier Tank Américaine. Holding the watch in your hand almost feels like you are holding a pebble that has been eroded over time. There are no hard angles, only flowing surfaces, and the entire case has an organic feel to it.

Then, you strap the watch onto your wrist, and suddenly the size and the heft of the watch melt away and you are wearing something that fits like a second skin. Unlike the dramatically curved caseback of the Cintrée, that of the luxury fake Cartier Américaine UK is flat-ish. Nonetheless, the tips of the brancards, the “lugs” if you will curve down dramatically. The experience is similar to that of wearing a bracelet – indeed, this is also the case with the top copy Cartier Tank Cintrée. Still, due to the width and presence of the Américaine, the effect is altogether more pronounced.

Then we come to the high quality replica Cartier‘s dial. There are so many small details here that even though the dial could be considered plain at first glance, repeated viewing is rewarded. There is the secret signature hidden away in the Roman numeral seven, and the glossy ink of the numerals has been transferred onto the guillochéd dial, allowing you to see the rose pattern through the ink. I could talk about the way the serifs of the hour numerals trace the curve of the chemin-de-fer. Far from being an afterthought, the smallest details of the Swiss made copy Cartier UK have been given the same attention as the rest of the dial. There is no seconds hand, there are no subregisters. The dial is an exercise in minimalist elegance, and that is what makes it so effective!

Finally, a brief word on pricing. Even now, despite the red-hot interest in vintage 1:1 fake Cartier, the manual-winding Tank Américaine is relatively affordable, not just when compared to the Cintrée, but also in relation to other models from the CPCP line. Expect to pay between 8,000 and 10,000 Euros for yellow gold, and between 12,000 and 15,000 Euros for white gold. The premium for platinum is hefty, and depending on the series (pre-CPCP, CPCP, 2002 30-piece run for the Italian market), expect to pay significantly upwards of 16,000 Euros.
As I wrote in the introduction, we cannot talk about the cheap replica Cartier Tank Américaine without talking about the Cintrée – the latter will always be the radical one that shattered preconceptions. Yet, I think it is time that the Cartier Tank Américaine fake for sale stopped being seen as the “Cintrée on a budget” and stepped into its own. After all, it has embodied the Cartier ethos of timelessness, minimalist design, and elegance for more than 30 years now!

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